Prevent Sewer Back Ups


Fats, oils, grease (FOG), food scraps, and coffee grounds don't mix well with water. When flushed, these materials can build up and block the entire sewer pipeline and cause raw sewage overflows into your home, lawns, streets, parks and rivers. This creates health risks, destroys the environment, and costs you money.

  • Never pour FOG, food scraps, or coffee grounds into your sink, garbage disposal or toilet.
  • Scrape or wipe grease and food scraps from pots, pans grills and utensils into a can and place in your garbage or reuse it!
  • Absorb spilled oils into kitty litter, newspaper, paper towels, coffee grounds or absorb-all and place in the garbage.
  • Clean pop-up stoppers on tub and bathroom sinks regularly.
  • Keep sewer pipes free of tree roots.

See how you can eliminate FOG in your pipes (PDF).

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