We strive to promote economic growth in all areas of our community with a focus on sustainability through the implementation of a variety of programs and partnering with outside sources. 
  1. Agriculture

    Get connected to the local food network and local farmers markets, and find information about agriculture programs at the ACC Elgin Campus.

  2. Envision Elgin

    Envision Elgin is the Community Development Department's strategy to promote sustainable growth of Elgin.

  3. Sustainable Places

    Visit the Sustainable Places website, view the final report, and/or look through the appendix-recommendations document.

  4. Zoning Overlay

    In September 2014 the City of Elgin City Council approved a zoning overlay for the Downtown Historic District creating 2 areas with mixed uses.

  5. Film Friendly Community

    Elgin is a Texas Film Friendly Community working regularly with movies, commercial photo shoots, music videos, commercials, and independent films.