Zoning Overlay

In September 2014, the City of Elgin City Council approved a zoning overlay for the Downtown Historic District creating 2 areas with mixed uses. The core area of downtown from 2nd Street to Central Avenue allows for 50% residential on a 1st floor in the rear of a structure. The remaining areas allow up to 100% residential uses. Commercial uses include a variety of options in C-1 and C-2. The zoning overlay added uses such as wineries, breweries, cabinetry making, metal smithing, food processing and glass blowing. The Zoning Overlay Ordinance is available at Municode.

Additional information regarding the Sustainable Places project and the implementation of the Zoning Overlay can be found at Sustainable Places.

The Downtown Overlay is described in detail at this link on Municide. 

Central Park Master Plan
Zoning overlay 3-27-18