Terra- Cotta Easter Pots Craft

Easter is fast approaching and we are having to stay home, what better way to pass time than painting something memorable and entertaining for your children at the same time. I will show you how to make cute butterflies on terra-cotta pots using your kid(s) feet and so much more. My son loves to get messy and this is a creative type of messy! 

  • Medium terra-cotta pots
  • Paint
  • Pain Brushes
  • Newspaper/Plastic
  • Clear Spray Paint


1. Put down some newspaper or plastic on your craft surface to avoid creating a mess

2. Paint the bottom of your kid(s) feet whatever color you would like as they will be the butterfly wings

3. Place both feet next to each other on the side of the pot and press down without wiggling


4. Draw the body between the two feet and add the antennae

5. You can add polka dots or swirls in between the butterflies so the pot looks more full - maybe even add some flowers!

6. Spray the pot with the clear spray paint so that it is weather resistant. It may take a couple of coats because the pot will soak up a lot of the paint

Have older children or just want to do this craft on your own? Try making a "stained glass" pot!
  • Medium terra cotta pots
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Painter's tape
  • Newspaper/Plastic
  • Clear spray paint


1. Place the tape in the pattern or design you like, leaving open space where the paint will go. 

2. Paint all over the pot.

3. Once the paint starts to dry and is still a little bit tacky, start to remove the tape. You do not want to wait until the paint is dry before removing the paint - removing the tape while the paint is still slightly wet will give you better lines. 

4. Spray with the clear spray paint to seal. 


Once the pots are all dry they are ready to be used for plants. With these crafts you have beautiful memories that will last for years while also serving a purpose not just stashed away in a closet. I find this project very enjoyable for my kids. It also helps to keep their imagination running with ideas. It can be therapeutic for children as well as you, hearing your children's laughter.


Written By: Meghan Newman - Elgin Rec Center | Photos By: Meghan Newman - Elgin Rec Center